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Our past and current Michael Project award recipients


Samaiyah Harpe
Spring 2019

“I’m taking a semester off in order to focus on healing from emotional trauma and to sort out my mental health issues. During this time off I plan to work on and complete my EP (extended play) and to improve my music production and recording skills. I hope the EP will be cathartic and help guide me along the path to regaining my sense of self. I also hope that the skills I improve upon along the way will allow me to help others who, like me, find that their artistic and emotional journey are one in the same and would benefit from both the technical and emotional support.”

 - Samaiyah

"The Michael Project has been such a blessing. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my passions outside of my school setting. I have attended seminars for personal development and I have completed a training to teach yoga!"

 - Victor

IMG_4750 (1).jpeg

Whitney Wantong Spring 2018


Victor Asemota

Fall 2018


"The Michael Project gave me the chance to prioritize my wellbeing and explore new passions. I don’t think I would have gotten my dream job without the support I received from the Michael Project."

 - WhitneySp

Lewis Bruce

Spring 2018

Drew Gillingham

Spring 2018

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